Along with my journalistic work I am assembling and maintaining
a pictorial archive related to the Art Market with photographs and other
pictorial material from Art Dealers, Auctioneers and
other Art Market People, Fairs, Auctions, selected
Works of Art, Antiques etc.

In addition to these Art Market related pictorial material I am assembling a
Photographic Archive centering on Nature, Animals, Plants and Natural
Sciences, the Underwater and Marine World, Scuba Diving,
Landscapes, Towns and Views (Switzerland and Abroad);
 Traveling and Hiking, as well as Portraits,
Symbolic and Atmospheric Pictures.

Furthermore my Pictorial Archive comprises Photographs and other
pictorial material on the Art Market and Collecting fields of
Erotic Art, Curiosa and Ephemera.

The Pictures displayed on the Page "PICTURES"
(Link on page PROFESSIONAL)
and its following Pages
represent only a small personal choice of my Pictorial Archives.
They shall become accessible on the Internet at a later, not yet specified date.

Should You need Pictures to any of the aforementioned fields,
please do not hesitate to ask me for an offer:

Christian von Faber-Castell
Seestrasse 104; CH-8700 Küsnacht / SCHWEIZ

Telefon: +41 (0)44 9106119
Mobile: +41 (0)79 4003758
Telefax: +41 (0)44 9106268


Of course I produce also Photographs or Photographic Documentations
to any of the aforementioned fields at Your request.