Besides of my regular work on Art Market Issues for
the Finanz und Wirtschaft, Zurich, the Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf,
the WELTKUNST and the Antiquitäten Zeitung, München,
and the ARTnewsletter, New York, I am available to Newspapers,
Magazines and related media in German and English as free lance writer,
collaborator or consultant for reports, features, interviews, documentations
(including their photographic illustration) in the
following thematic fields:

Art Market Switzerland & International
Auction Sales, Art & Antique Fairs, Gallery Reports  etc.
in all fields of Art & Antique Collecting and Dealing,
 from earliest Antiquity to today's Avant-garde,
Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, Poster, Prints, Works on Paper,
Furniture, Carpets, Decorations and related Antiques
including Watches and Wristwatches, Old-timer and Classic Cars,
Wine, Diamonds, Gems, Jewelry, Collectors Toys, Collectors Weapons,
Books, Prints, Photography, Coins, Medals etc..

Questions and Issues about Building a Collection and Investing in Art,
Legal and Logistic Issues in Art Dealing and Collecting,
Scientific Methods of Datation and Authentification etc.


History of Art, Culture, Customs & Behavior
History of the Art Market, of Taste and Style,
Art and Artworks of Prehistoric and Ancient Cultures
African and other Non-European Art and Artworks
History of Eating, Drinking and Interior Design & Living
Erotic Art, History of Customs and Behavior, Curiosa


Natural - and Human Sciences,
Scientific Research and Technology
Archeology, Prehistory and Underwater Archaeology; Tachometry;
Chemistry, Mineralogy und Gemmology, Materials Science;
Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Computer Sciences;
 Biology, Oceanography and the Submarine World;
 Pharmacology, Toxicology and Physiology,
Anthropology, Criminology,
Mythology and Psychology,
and so

My mother tongue is German, but I also write in English and French,
although such texts usually need some proofreading and editing.


Complementary to my journalistic services I also work as a Photographer
with Special Interests in Portrait, Landscape, Travel, Nature,
Underwater, Macroscopic and Scientific Photography
as well as in traditional Black & White
Photography and Darkroom Work.

Usually I provide to all my Texts, Articles, Features, Reports,
and Interviews my own photographic (and other) illustrations.

(More Information on the Page PHOTOGRAPHY)


Furthermore I do basic journalistic Web- and Homepage Design with
special consideration to the demands of the Art Market.

(More Information on the Page WEB DESIGN


Christian von Faber-Castell
Seestrasse 104; CH-8700 Küsnacht / SCHWEIZ

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