Christian von Faber-Castell
Born on May 17th 1950 in Konstanz on the Lake Constance
(near the German Swiss Frontier) as Son of
Roland Count von Faber-Castell from Nuernberg
und Nina Countess von Faber-Castell, born
Nina von Sprecher-Bernegg from Maienfeld
(Canton of Grisons, Switzerland)

1957 to 1963 Primary School in Kuesnacht
1963 to 1969 Classical Grammar School (Latin and Greek)
at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, (Boarding School in the Engadin);
1969 Matura Typus A in St. Gallen (Eidgenössische Fremdmatura)

Winter 1970 Rekrutenschule (Basic Military Training)at the Inf. Flab. RS 15 in Chur, Later on dispensed from that training and from further
military services for health reasons, I was assigned to the Civil Protection Service (Zivilschutzdienst) Kuesnacht, first at its War Fire Brigade and then to the Nuclear and Chemical Warfare Protection Service.

1970 I wrote and held a course in Photography, (after Andreas Feininger),
Photo-Graphics ("Fotografik", after Otto Croy) and
 Darkroom Laboratory Practice (after Theo Kisselbach)
at the Leisure Time and Do-it-Yourself Center
(Freizeitzentrum) in Kuesnacht.

1970 to 1975
Part time Work as Teacher ad interim at the Sekundarschule St. Moritz,
teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
Work as Teacher at the Sekundarschule "Elternverein Jüdische Schule" in Zürich

1970 to 1980
Studies in Mathematics and Physics at the Department  IX at the
Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETHZ)
up to the 2. Pre-Diploma Level (2. Vordiplom);
then change toward Studies in Chemistry at the University of Zurich
up to the Diploma-Level, but without Diploma Examen and Certificate.

Specialization: Inorganic hemistry with H.R. Oswald und Ruedi Eggli.
Complementary training in Electron Microscopy with Detlef Guenther,
Prehistoric Archaeology with Margarita Primas and Ulrich Ruoff
and Archaeometry with H.-U. Nissen.

Begin of my ongoing work as Art Market Journalist for the Swiss Financial Newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft (FuW), published in Zurich twice a week
on Wednesday and Saturday.  (My first FuW-Art Market Page I wrote on November 1975 under the supervision of Alfred Isler, Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Finanz und Wirtschaft, and with extensive help by the late Hans Albisser, the Swiss Pioneer in Scripophily, on the issue "Getting rich with Nonvaleurs" ("Reich werden mit Nonvaleurs")

1975 to 1985:
Start of my ongoing work as Swiss Art Market Correspondent the German Art and
Art Market Magazine "Weltkunst" in Munich the German Financial Newspaper "Handelsblatt" in Dusseldorf (succeeding the late Maria Netter) and also for Milton Esterow's ARTNewsletter in New York

1980 until today
In addition to my regular regular occupation as Art Market Journalist for the
aforementioned Publications I work as a free lance writer and photographer
for Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues, Books and other Publications and
sporadically also for Radio Interviews and Features related to the Art Market.
(see also under Publications and Lectures)

11. October 1985
Marriage with Barbla Mani from St. Moritz and Pignia/Andeer

1987 to 2001
Service as Soldier in the Lake Rescue Service Kuesnacht (Seerettungsdienst SRDK) under the consecutives commands of Oblt. Peter Sturzenegger, Oblt. Peter Höhne, Oblt. Paul Bachmann und Oblt. Guido Seiferle
2001: Regular retirement from the active SRDK service, followed by the assignment to the Altseeretter and admission to their Elite Unit "The Gruftis"

26. September 1991,
about 18.00 PM:
Birth of our Daughter
Alexandra Barbla Katharina Heidi Cornelia Flurgina



Christian von Faber-Castell, Zurich, 1950,
works since 1975 as Art Market Journalist for the
Swiss Financial  Newspaper "Finanz und Wirtschaft" in Zurich.
Besides additional free lance work as Art Market Journalist, Photographer and Science Journalist he writes as Swiss Art Market Correspondent for the Financial Newspaper Handelsblatt in Dusseldorf, the Munich Art market Publications "Weltkunst" and "Antiquitäten-Zeitung" and for the "ARTnewsletter" in New York..

fully or partially usable if the Byline above is not detailed enough:

Christian von Faber-Castell, Swiss, born on May 17th 1950 as son of a German father and a Swiss mother, married with Barbla (Maiden Name: Barbla Mani) from St. Moritz (Engadin) and since 1991 father of one daughter, lives and works in Kuesnacht on the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland..

He studied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Prehistoric Archeology in Zurich.
When in 1975 the Swiss Financial Newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft offered him the opportunity to work as their Art Market Writer, he moved to Journalism.

His main fields of interest are the Swiss and the International Art Market
with special emphasis on Antiquities and Archaeology, Popular and Tribal Art,
Ethnografica, Bibliophily und History of Science, Numismatics, Watches and old Technology, Photography, Antiques and Decorative Arts, Diamonds, Gemstones, Jewelry and Gemmology as well as old Erotic Art und Curiosa.

Christian von Faber-Castell    Seestrasse 104    CH-8700 Kuesnacht     Schweiz/Switzerland
Telefon: +41 (0)44  9106119      Mobil: +41 (0)79  4003758
Fax: +41 (0)44  9106268    
SKYPE (VoIP): christianvonfabercastell

Christian von Faber-Castell

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